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Latest Articles

The Dalmatian Stone – Encouraging the good

The white with black spots of the Dalmatian stone is named after a Dalmatian breed of dog. This stone is often mistaken as a jasper; in actuality it is a feldspar/quartz with black or brown tourmaline, which gives it highly grounding and protective qualities. The black tourmaline absorbs and transmutes all negative energy into positive. Read More

Running and Injuries

Massage helps prevent and heal injuries Running is a strenuous activity — and one that pays off by building strength, and boosting overall physical and psychological health. That said, most runners will have at least one injury, if not many, in their running careers. And there are few things worse than wanting to be outside Read More

How Rolfing Can Improve your running

A mother came in with her two-year old son. He had been struggling with some developmental challenges in his legs. Walking seemed fine, but whenever he tried to run he looked uncoordinated. The assistant instructor ‘Rolfed’ the child for four or five minutes, then set him down. The boy took off running around the perimeter Read More