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Latest Articles

Vesuvianite, A Crystal Yearning for Wholeness and Connection

All of us share a yearning for wholeness and a connection to something greater than ourselves. Vesuvianite, a crystal named after Mt. Vesuvious in Italy, can help with both. Because Vesuvianite clears negative thought patterns, it can not only help enhance our creativity and aid in discoveries and inventions, but it provides a facilitated pathway Read More

Massage in Autumn for Stress Relief at Bodyworks in Plymouth, Michigan

Warm up, release stress, come into balance As the leaves change color and fall to the ground, this is a good time of year to reflect on what parts of your body and mind are transitioning from the outward ways of summer to the inward ways of winter. Autumn is a time of harvest, a Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

New technology allows you to be ahead of the curve with early detection of breast cancer.   Early screening with Thermography can detect breast tissue changes at a minute physical stage of development, as much as 5-8 years earlier than mammography or other conventional testing.  This is huge. Imagine how many lives can be saved. This earlier Read More

Ida Rolf’s Vision & The Secret Life of Fascia : Part II

When we left Ida Rolf (in the first part of this three part series) we found her drawing on her her scientific and metaphysical backgrounds, and “test driving” her her new structural model of body- work sessions she called Structural Integration (AKA Rolfing) Another thread that nourished these early beginnings was Dr. Rolf’s serious and Read More

Stress Relief: De-Stressing the Body Naturally

Are you feeling anxious, tension, anger, depression, irritability, guilt or sadness? These are all signs of stress and doctors tell us that stress is responsible for 70-90% of all illnesses/diseases.  Not good!  But what is good is what you can do about it naturally.  Even long after the trigger of our stress is gone, our bodies Read More

If You Know Someone Who Is Ill

Soothing touch can provide solace and relieve pain Having just lost my father a few months ago, I can personally attest that caring touch can be a blessing for someone who is very ill or frail. Being in that condition almost always means the loss of control over one’s life and can leave a person feeling quite Read More