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Latest Articles

Ida Rolf’s Vision & The Secret Life of Fascia : Part II

When we left Ida Rolf (in the first part of this three part series) we found her drawing on her her scientific and metaphysical backgrounds, and “test driving” her her new structural model of body- work sessions she called Structural Integration (AKA Rolfing) Another thread that nourished these early beginnings was Dr. Rolf’s serious and Read More

Stress Relief: De-Stressing the Body Naturally

Are you feeling anxious, tension, anger, depression, irritability, guilt or sadness? These are all signs of stress and doctors tell us that stress is responsible for 70-90% of all illnesses/diseases.  Not good!  But what is good is what you can do about it naturally.  Even long after the trigger of our stress is gone, our bodies Read More

If You Know Someone Who Is Ill

Soothing touch can provide solace and relieve pain Having just lost my father a few months ago, I can personally attest that caring touch can be a blessing for someone who is very ill or frail. Being in that condition almost always means the loss of control over one’s life and can leave a person feeling quite Read More

Ida Rolf’s Vision and the Secret Life of Fascia : Part One

If you know someone who has experienced the cutting-edge bodywork known as, Structural Integration (AKA Rolfing), you probably noticed how their posture changed dramatically. Maybe their head that had been hanging out, way forward of the rest of their body, was now sitting on top of their shoulders, or rounded shoulders have come back, or Read More

How Massage Can Help Your Man Thrive

Reduce stress, prevent injury, boost work performance Although times have changed, many men are still the main provider for their families and may have high-stress or physically demanding jobs.  There is a continuing belief that men should be tough, suck it up and deal with these demands without complaint. The good news is that more Read More

Natural Solutions for Protecting the Skin Under the Hot Summer Sun

Sunlight eases pain, boosts mood, improves health According to the Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, sunlight can ease pain in surgical patients. Bright light also appears to stimulate production of serotonin, which is associated with improved mood and sunlight can also decrease pain from other conditions, such as arthritis. Protects against disease Research shows that sunlight Read More